What is Intuitive Healing?
The foundation of my intuitive healing work is Reiki, a healing modality that balances your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. In Japanese, “Rei” means universal energy, and “Ki” means individual life force energy. Through the healer, Reiki connects you to a deeply rooted and powerful universal energy. This helps to balance and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. Your healing session puts you in a deep state of relaxation that will help jumpstart your body’s natural healing processes, and allow you to best receive this source energy.  I work with a variety of different healing modalities, including Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, and Intuitive guidance. You can connect to this source energy “hands-on” in person with me, or remotely via distance healing.

What are the benefits of intuitive healing?
Intuitive healing empowers your natural ability to heal by restoring your energy balance. Benefits vary case-by-case, but most people report feeling more relaxed, lighter, peaceful, at ease, and balanced. The higher energy will focus on your specific area of concern, and will also enhance your general sense of wellbeing. See more benefits here.

What is Chakra balancing?
Chakras are the energy centres located within your body. There are seven major chakras I focus on during healing, which connect to various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas. I will first assess the state of your chakras, and balance them using a combination of intuitive and crystal healing. You’ll leave the session with all chakras in harmony, as well as some tips and suggestions to improve on any weak spots. 

What is Karuna Reiki?
Karuna means compassion. It is a branch of Reiki that focuses specifically on healing karmic and past life issues that affect you in the present. If you’ve suffered from a chronic condition that seems unresponsive to other treatments, it could be due to a karmic condition. If you are interested in Karuna Reiki, please mention it during our consultation.

Which in-person session is right for me?
For new clients, I recommend the 90-minute Holistic + Crystal Healing or Holistic Healing + Intuitive Guidance, especially if you're looking for a big reset from a particular issue or stressor. The 60-minute sessions are great for reducing stress and anxiety and accelerating healing. The 75-minute Intuitive Healing Journey is designed to help you deeply connect with your intuition and receive your own unique guidance. If you're looking to heal a recurring emotional, mental or physical issue, multiple healing sessions will be needed. See the overview of healing sessions to find the right one for you, and feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

What can I expect from an in-person healing session?
Before your session, we’ll chat about any issues you’d like to focus on. You will lie on a treatment bed, fully clothed. I’ll move my hands from your head to your feet, holding on specific areas with a light touch. Many people report a warm sensation from my hands, attune to the energy moving through their body, and experience a deep sleep-like relaxation. When the session is complete, we’ll review feedback and guidance for keeping you in balance. 

What if I’m not comfortable with touch?
No problem! If you aren’t comfortable with touch, I will lightly hover my hands over your body. You will still receive the full benefits of the healing session. 

What is Remote Healing?
You don’t need to be in the same physical space as me to connect to intuitive healing energy! Remote healing acts as a spirit-to-spirit bridge, where I’ll help direct healing energy from a deeply rooted universal source energy to you. This energy will flow to you, and work for you throughout the day and night to restore your balance. Remote healing is ideal for those outside of the Toronto area, and
those suffering from chronic issues, which benefit most from a combination of in-person and remote healing. It can also be used for health goals.

What can I expect from a remote healing session?
We’ll connect via phone, FaceTime or Skype. We’ll begin with a discussion on how you’re doing, and which areas you’d like to focus on. Next, you’ll lie down in a quiet, comfortable space while I conduct the healing. I’ll do an intuitive reading of your energy body, and direct healing energy accordingly to help clear and re-balance your energetic body. After this is complete, we’ll reconnect to debrief any intuitive guidance received, including tips to continue your balance.

How long does remote healing take?
In total, the healing and our discussion will take one hour. For chronic issues, a multiple-day remote healing is recommended. Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss this.

Do I have to be spiritual to benefit from a healing session?
Nope! Intuitive healing requires no specific belief system or practices from the recipient, and nor do I. All you need is an open, positive mind, and a trust that the process is working for your highest good. That said, if you are exploring spirituality, you may find intuitive healing to be a big accelerator on your journey :)

If all you’ve read so far is sparking something in your intuition, trust that and get in touch!