Join me to connect, heal and catalyze a new journey forward. Your healing session will put you in a deep state of relaxation that will help jumpstart your body’s natural healing processes. You'll also connect to and receive energy and healing from a powerful and deeply rooted universal source, helping you find your centre, and connect mind, body, heart and soul. 

I work with a variety of different healing modalities, including Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Chakra balancing, crystal therapy, sound healing, breath awareness, and intuitive guidance. Healing happens from the inside out, correcting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances at their root. Based on your needs and what I sense in your session, I’ll share tips and guidance to empower you to keep your balance on a day-to-day basis. 

I work with clients to help:

  • Ease stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improve energy levels

  • Accelerate physical, mental and emotional healing

  • Rebalance after trauma or loss

  • Integrate spiritual awakening and consciousness-exploring experiences

  • Deepen your connection to your intuition and inner guidance

  • Strengthen your connection with your body, mind, heart and soul

You will leave each session feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

Holistic Healing Services

In-person Sessions

Available in my West Queen West healing studio. In-home sessions in the GTA are available for an additional cost. Sliding scale rates available Tuesday daytimes for those in need.

Holistic Healing (1 hour)   $125
Holistic Healing sessions include an aura cleanse, chakra balancing, and hands-on energy healing. Sessions also include a reading of your chakras and energy body, and intuitive guidance to help with individual areas of concern and growth. This session is ideal for mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual healing, balance + clarity. 

Intuitive Healing Journey (1 hour 15 min)   $145 *returning clients only*
This guided healing offering is designed to help you tune into all the rich wisdom your heart and soul have to offer you. You'll receive the same elements of a Holistic Healing session to help you restore and drop in deep. Throughout the session, I will guide you through visualizations, messages and mantras channeled to me for you to connect with. Through this guidance, you'll connect to a sacred inner space where you'll be able to clearly access your own insights, clarification on key relationships and events in your life, and guidance on your path. The healing energy will help you deeply restore, ease any energetic attachments, and open your heart and mind. This is a powerful intuitive and spiritual journey, and recommended for those seeking to connect deeply with their intuition. This session is offered for returning clients only, as it’s important we clear through old energy, catalyze healing and build trust + connection between us to ensure you receive the maximum benefit of this session. 

Holistic Healing + Intuitive Guidance (1.5 hours)   $165     *recommended for new clients*
This session is designed for those looking to discover and clarify the call of their heart. This session includes the full benefits of a one-hour healing session, including an aura cleanse, chakra balancing, hands-on healing, sound therapy, crystal therapy, and a reading of your chakras and energy body. After the healing session, when you are most deeply connected to your own intuition, we’ll work together using a blend of guided meditation, interactive exercises, and intuitive guidance to help with individual areas of concern and growth. This session is ideal for those looking to deepen their connection to their own intuition, and clarify and catalyze a new path forward, and is the recommended option for first-time clients.

Space Clearing
Includes cleansing, purifying and infusing new light into your home or work environment using the five elements, sacred mantras and intuitive healing. Ideal for blessing new spaces or clearing negative energy in existing spaces. 

Remote Sessions

Available for global clients. Conducted via FaceTime, Skype or phone. Sliding scale rates available Tuesday daytimes for those in need.

Remote Energy Reading + Healing (1 hour)  $125
This remote healing session includes an intuitive reading, guided meditation, and balancing of your chakras and energy body to help you gain fresh insight, clear blocks + clarify a new path forward. Based on what comes up in the reading, I'll share guidance and tips to continue to keep you balanced and rooted in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Multi-day Healing
Includes daily remote healing + intuitive guidance. Ideal for chronic or severe issues. Contact me for consultation.


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Shared Love

“I’ve never been this calm.” – Chana R.

“Wow! What a great session. I’ve had several Reiki sessions but none like this. I could feel the energy in your hands and transferring to those areas of the body. I could even feel it when you had to take your hands away for a moment. Awesome! I was so relaxed afterwards and feeling very zen. I went directly to sleep when I went to bed - that hasn’t happened in months. And I could feel the healing continue throughout the night. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I will be back!” – Lorraine Manners

“I have had alternative healing treatments before, but what was unique about our session was the magnetism I felt during our session. All the while being completely relaxed and at peace, I could feel you moving stagnant energy around and out of my body, which was accompanied by a sensation of gentle warmth. I also had very beautiful insights come to my awareness offering me guidance about new creative pursuits in my life. In the days and weeks after our session, I felt lighter and more focused. I had a significantly increased amount of clarity about what I wanted to create in my life next, and the energy to forge ahead in doing.” – Catie F.

"I walked into my treatment with Ayah feeling stressed out and anxious, basically on the brink of tears. From the moment I walked in, she made me feel completely at ease, and within minutes of laying on the table I was calmed, focused and cleansed. I floated all the way home and enjoyed the best sleep I've had in weeks. I can't wait to go back!" – Carolyn D.

"My remote healing session with Ayah was just as effective as my in-person sessions. The briefing helped me feel very calm and relaxed in my own space. I experienced many of the same sensations as I do in person. Our follow up discussion was helpful. Ayah's insight was very important for both my self-healing and progress on my life's journey. It was amazing to see Reiki work on me with Ayah in another country!" - Alex Murray

"Amazing experience! Your energy and intuitive reading was exactly what I needed. Thank you!! Highly recommend." - Shandel S.

"My remote healing session with Ayah exceeded all my expectations. She guided me into a state of deep relaxation and enabled me to tune into my intuition, let go of emotional ties that were no longer serving me, and open myself to new possibilities. It was restorative, refreshing, and reinvigorating. Like pressing a reset button on my life." - Sarah

I want to thank you for helping me transition into a life filled with more self-love and authenticity. I have already felt the effects of your teachings and the energy I released with your help. I’ve seen my self love reflected in my engagements with others. I feel inspired and ready to serve the call. Thank you so much.” - GT

“Thank you SO much. I had such an amazing experience with you and I know we are going to connect many times again in the future. Today was exactly what I needed. Your touch is truly so healing and I feel so light and balanced. I feel so present in my whole body- and just have to tell you again how grateful I am that our souls crossed paths in the most beautiful way and for you helping/guiding me on my soul journey. Thank you again.” - Alexia Del Priore

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