Cultivating Compassion


Shifting tides...

A lot is shifting and evolving in our world.

I know it’s hard to take in what's happening across the globe. Yes, we are seeing a lot of suffering. It's ok to feel the pain of these losses. Just don't let what you hear make you numb or discouraged. Let it awaken you.

Compassion is one of the most beautiful qualities we can hold. And compassion is not born from everything being sunshine and roses. Compassion is born from from intimacy with suffering.

As individuals, we can’t do it all. As communities, we can. Let this be the time we all rise up.

How to help in these trying times?

I believe it’s more important than ever to make sure you are in touch with your unique gifts, and sharing them in some form of service to your communities, and in turn, to the world.

Get really close to the call of your heart. Notice what moves you most. Become aware of the gifts you were born to share. Then, go out and share them with your fullest heart. 

This doesn't just mean what you do in your career. It means how you hold space for others. How you lift up those around you. How you treat those whom you view as different than you.

Be there for others. Smile at a stranger. Listen deeply to a friend or family member in need. Extend a hand in whatever way you are able to, be that with time, finances, or prayer. No contribution is too small.

Compassion begins with you

How you care for yourself is how you care for others. Be mindful of what you consume. If the news you take in, the food you digest, or the company you keep dims your energy again and again, take time to revisit what you feed your mind, body, and heart. Focus your energy on that which nourishes you.

Rest. Ask for help when you need. Invest in your wellbeing. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable. Be gentle and sweet with yourself. Care for yourself as you would your dearest loved one.

Drop any masks you might be wearing – you know what they are. Ground down in your truth. Know who you really are. Let your mind be in service to your heart’s calling. Let your heart’s calling be in service to the world. We need your light.

Be grateful for all you have. In this exact moment, you have everything you need for your highest growth and service. No more, no less. When we’re awake and aware to all we have, it is only natural we begin to share as much as we can. This is your highest evolution.

Above all, don’t lose your optimism and shine. Feel all you feel, and let it pass through you. Keep your light burning bright.

Diver deep in to your heart

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With love,
ayah x