Traversing the Transition

A practice...

Breathe in for one, two, three four.
Hold for one, two.
Breathe out for one, two, three, four, five, six.

Let each inhale bring in more peace to your body, mind and heart. Let each exhale ground you in to a deeper state of calm. As you hold, in the space of the transition, notice. Notice the fullness of the hold, the ushering in the transition. Notice too that while the rhythmic counting of the breath helps to still the waves of the mind, the mind still may wander. Yet in the space of the hold, it is near impossible for your mind to drift. In the space of the hold, in the space of the transition, you are fully aware, mindful and present. 

How much our breath has to show us, to teach us.

Take care in the transition

Fall is here (but thank you mama earth for those bonus days of summer :) – the weather cools, the wind blows, the days shorten. The feeling of transition, and even contraction, is heightened in the fall, and as with any transition, it's easy to feel in limbo and out of sorts. 

Take care in this transition – it can be harsh on our bodies, minds and hearts.

Nourish yourself. Make the switch from cooling foods (smoothies, salads, and other raw foods) to warming ones (porridge, soups, stews, and other cooked foods). Bundle up with all your beautiful layers. Take warm baths with essential oils. Light candles. Keep your home green and blooming with plants and flowers. Stay cozy. Stay warm.

The transition to colder weather calls us inward – listen. Lighten the load on your calendar, and take more space just for you. Take time alone to meditate, journal, and practice self-care in the ways that call you. Give yourself permission to slow down. Attend to your healing. Nest. Restore.

Protect your energy

As well, November can be an energetically sensitive month – it’s said this is the time of year where the veils between worlds are thinnest. As you begin to bundle up for the weather outside, take care to add extra layers of energetic protection. Use sage or palo santo to protect your energy before you leave the house. Clear your aura / energy body with a selenite wand when you return home. Carry or wear grounding and protective stones like tourmaline, obsidian, smoky quartz and labradorite.

If you’re feeling extra-sensitive, vulnerable or are experiencing lower energy levels, join me for a healing or yoga + meditation class, both of which will hold the space for you to tap back in to all the light and energy your soul has to offer, allowing you to recharge and restore.

If you’re ready to dive deeper in to self-care, self-healing, meditation, spiritual empowerment, and the world of energy, join me for a full-day Reiki Level I + The Art of Energy training on Sunday, November 12 – just a couple of spots are still open, if one is calling your soul :) 

The only constant...

I’ve been through many (many!) transitions in the past decade, and each one has taught me the joys of staying mindful, aware, and awake in what is, not the stories of what was or what might be. The more transitions I've traversed, the more I've learned we are always in flux. There is no arrival to some magical shore where the challenges of life cease. We are always on the journey of becoming. Transitions have taught me the truths and magic of patience, practice and presence.

So too has attention to my breath, particularly the practice above. Our breath teaches us we're always in transition and change. Each inhale, we breathe different particles of air around us, and with each exhale, our cells shift and change in a way they've never been before. Each breath ushers in a new moment that never before was, and will never again be. In this way, we learn the fullness that is presence. The fullness of the traversing the paths we are on. Stay close to your full, deep breaths this fall.

What transitions are you moving through, and how are you weathering them? Send me a note – I’d love to hear from you.

May you find the balance of strength and softness, courage and gentleness, giving and receiving this month. All are divine, and all are worth cultivating.

With love, always,
ayah x