World Mental Health Day


Shining some light + sending you lots of it on World Mental Health Day 🌺

You are not alone. We all have people close to us who have mental health concerns, and chances are we’ve all struggled ourselves in varying degrees, be it with anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma or more. It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game of what we might see on the surface, but know we all have wounds, pain and suffering. Let’s remove ourselves and each other from pedestals. We are all human, and this is par for the course of our humanness.

Let’s not deny our pain. Let’s shine awareness on our instinct to sweep it under the carpet or numb it (not just drugs or alcohol- food, technology, work, etc...). Let’s acknowledge when and how we are suffering. Let’s see it in its entirety. Let’s move through it head on (with care and compassion), instead of around it in circles. Above all, know whatever you may see or feel does not define you. At your core you are nothing but love. And in more ways than you might realize, you have a lot of love around you exactly as you are.

Let’s not try to walk this path alone. If self-care and self-guided practice isn’t helping, that’s ok. Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, therapist, counselor, doctor or healer to talk about different options. Whoever you are most comfortable with is the best place to start.

Care for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health looks different for each of us. Your recipe will be as unique as you are. Keep exploring to find the paths and tools that resonate with you, and the places and people with whom you feel safest and most yourself.

The conversation isn’t easy. We have so many centuries of stigma to help turn around. But particularly with all that’s happening in our world, now is the time to have the hard conversations and take the courageous steps.

And as you take those steps- be easy. Be gentle. Be compassionate. With yourself and with each other. Remember - at your core, it’s all love. Keep finding your way home to that place.

Always here for you. Always sending you love. Let’s take the best care of each other and this world 💛