Reflections. Rituals. Radiance.

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Taking Time to Reflect

Close your eyes.
Take a few deep belly breaths.
See yourself on January 1, 2017.
Where were you? Who were you with? How did you feel?

Spend a few moments connecting with your sweet self at this time.

Then, bring to mind you now, as you are.
Where are you? How is your heart? How have you grown?

Spend some time with yourself here. Feel in to the highs and the lows. Let the lessons that come to mind seep deep in to your bones. Know that there is no going back. And why would you want to? Look how far you’ve come. How much you’ve grown. How beautiful you are. The outside, yes of course. But mostly, I mean inside  – your heart, your mind, your soul. Whether you see it consciously or not now, I promise you are more radiant than you may believe.  

The shorter days and weather are calling us inward. Mercury is in retrograde (not a bad thing, I promise!). Don't skip ahead to the new year quite yet. The last month of the year is perfectly designed to help us reflect on all that was and integrate all we've learned.

2017 transformed much. How did it transform you?

Holiday Presence

I saw this quote from Mother Theresa the other day, and it rang so true for much of my own learnings this year: 

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." 

This rebuilding of our world starts at home. This bringing of peace starts inside. 

The holidays may be joyful for you. They may be challenging. They may be all of the above and more. Wherever you are for the holidays and whatever they bring your way, I encourage you to practice presence. Gently, and with compassion.

As much as you focus on finding the perfect presents for your loved ones, can you also think of how you can gift them with more presence? Maybe this means deeper listening – taking in the fullness of what they share instead of thinking of what you have to share back. Maybe this means practicing replacing any thoughts of judgment to compassion, or thoughts of frustration to empathy. Maybe this means carving out some extra time to extend a helping hand, or asking the simplest and sweetest of questions – “how are you?” Not what is going on in your life, but how is your heart?

To me, the key to presence is no hidden agenda. Being there for someone for the sake of being there for them with the fullness of your heart, without seeking anything in return. Being present, without letting the stories of the past or ideas of the future cloud all that is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for me (ok, I know, it often is :), but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I learned the importance of grounding, in my body and in my life. I learned equanimity, taking inspired action without attachment or aversion to the outcome. I learned the power of surrender, how much strength and courage it requires, and how much surprise and sweetness it brings in. I learned to allow, receive and intuit, balancing this with clear plans and action. I learned commitment and patience, the power of a marathon over a sprint. I learned timing is always divine, and the answers are always there when you're ready. 

I saw deeper in to the depths of my spirit.
I helped others see deeper in to theirs. 

On that note - it has been the greatest privilege to continue to work with so many of you, and to meet so many beautiful new souls this year. Thank you for allowing me to help guide you, and thank you for allowing your own guidance in. Thank you for trusting me, but most important, thank you for trusting yourselves.

I know many of the journeys we’ve gone on together involved treading in to new territory, and I thank you for your courage to show up so fully and beautifully as you did. It has been the deepest honour and joy to see how so many of you have grown, evolved, and transformed.

A Few More Chances to Gather

Reflection and ritual are all the more beautiful when shared. Join myself and The Quiet Company for a Meditation + Solstice Ritual. We’ll dive deep together, reflecting on all the growth we’ve had this year, and setting our intentions for all to come. Tickets are almost sold out (!), so grab yours soon if it calls your heart. And if the beautiful chaos of the holiday season has you feeling in a frenzy, come join for a healing or Sunday Restoration yoga + meditation to help you restore and recalibrate. 

For those still holiday shopping, I have some of my favourite recommendations from my shop for the high-vibe tribe in your life below :) 

May you have the most beautiful of year-end reflections. May you have the most beautiful of holidays, full of rituals new and old. May you see how far you've come and how radiant you are, as you are, in this moment. I promise.

If there's any way I can be of support as the year comes to a close, I'm always here. 

With love,
ayah x