India, the Deepest of Bows to You

India, it's time to ring the bell on a victorious round one together. And oh, what a journey!

This is a world like no other, in the very best of ways. And this place and its people have taught me much. I quickly learned everything is flexible and subjective, including the rules, lines, lanes, best price, and just how long five minutes will be. This kept me on my toes, and taught me patience and trust. It also made every day an adventure, abundant in stories, learnings and laughs.

I shed the armor of black (this photo aside... :) and fell in love with colour, pattern and shiiiiiine. When everything from babies to trucks are so beautifully adorned, how could we not treat our own sweet selves the same way?

I learned that what seems like a mountain at the time turns into a small speed bump when passed- often a caution to go slow and enjoy the journey. I've learned to ride the wave with a smile instead of resisting it. Looking deeper and finding something to laugh about helps enormously. So does a sweet cup of chai and a sweet smile... There's nothing those can't ease.

I've seen love underpins everything here. People are incredibly warm and generous with their time, culture, stories, gifts, and smiles. This has taught me to accept graciously and give generously. It's also deepened my trust, in others and myself. Nowhere has honed my intuition and clarity on the broader story than here. This land is charged with magic, and it's hard to leave without it lighting up the magic already inside you.

Thank you to my Indian friends who shared your world with me, the fellow travelers who've shared my wonder, and the friends and family who've shared this journey virtually with me. I'm so lucky to carry you all so close in my heart on this wild ride.

Over five months ago when this journey began, I read a quote from Ivy Baker Priest which I somehow knew would be deeply relevant here:

"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning." 

To India, the deepest of bows to you. You've been the most gracious, and I know I will see you soonest. Until then... Canada, I'm coming home 🇨🇦