Out With the Old, In With the Joy

Through the woods in Dharamsala, India

Through the woods in Dharamsala, India

Can you believe it? Two more months left to this whirlwind of a year!

A lot has gone down this year, and let's be real – it hasn't all been pretty. Look at the American election as an example. Judgments, angers and fears are surfacing in a big way. Not just for hundreds of millions of Americans, but for the billions of us around the world who are following in shock and awe. Whatever the outcome, it may be a rocky couple of years as we balance things out on a global level. But, I'm optimistic. I believe a lot is bubbling to the surface to be released, paving the way for more unity to come. And this balance will be led by those of us willing to show the darker shadows the power of our light.

Where do we start? It may not be comfortable, but the best place to start is with ourselves. What needs to come to the surface and be cleared out for you? How can you make space for more light?

Here’s the thing with our judgments, fears, angers, and hurts. They don’t disappear by sweeping them under the rug and trying to forget them. They don’t disappear by ignoring them and trying to pile some goodness on top. We can’t suppress them. We have to dig down, really look at what’s been buried, and see it in its entirety (how perfect for Scorpio season ;).

So, for the last two months of 2016, I encourage you to look at what you want to leave behind this calendar year. Sit with it in meditation (try this, one of my favourite guided meditations), talk it through with a trusted friend, therapist, healer or coach, journal it out, stretch it out, bring it in as an intention for a healing session… whatever resonates as the best way to ‘clean house’ for you.

And then?

After bringing the shadows to the surface to see, allowing them to show you what they want to show you... let them go with love.

Your heart is a force. Tap into it, and send some waves of love – to whatever surfaces for all it has shown you, and for yourself for showing up so beautifully to do this work. See what it has to say. Feel what it has to share. This is where the alchemy happens. Through this conscious attention and love, you can finally free yourself from that which no longer serves your highest growth.

With this, I hope you’ll find much more space in these months and the New Year to let in what really allows you to thrive – more love, ease, flow, freedom, and joy.

Keep your 'house' clean and vibes high – the world needs it now more than ever!