Touchdown Mama India


Touchdown, Mama India.

Over six years ago, I was bumping my way through Southern African roads on part of my post-uni, pre-corporate life adventure. Killing time on a long drive on our overland truck, I picked up a copy of an India Lonely Planet from a fellow traveler. I was in awe of the beautiful palaces and brilliant colours in the photos, not far from what I imagined India to be. But it was a photo of a lush Goan beach that sealed the deal. I had a gut feeling that India would be a big journey for me, and that it would come at another transition phase in my life. I knew there was no rush to be there, and that there was no way I could rush my first visit. Life threw me many an adventure since, but the thought - the knowing - of India was always patiently brewing in the back of my mind and heart.

In that time, I've had the opportunity to do some amazing things at some awesome jobs and passion projects. Great as they were, they all came with a ton of stressors. To keep myself balanced (and still going), I turned to many new interests, from art, to yoga, to nutrition, to eastern medicine, to meditation. As those interests deepened, so did the books I read and the films I watched. So did the conversations I shared and the experiences I had. So did the new people who came into my life, and through it all, so did I. I was working full-time, but my side-hustle bubbled heavy on the spiritual.

This fall, I knew it was time for the transition, and time to experience the motherland where so many of those interests are rooted. And today, I began my journey here on a beach in Goa, just like the one that sealed the decision to come over six years ago. I can only imagine what the next couple of months have in store, but I think the message I just received from my darling friend Sarah will be right on the money:

"Ayah, India is gonna blow your mind."