Heart Wisdom

A few years ago, I spent some time working with a Shaman in Costa Rica. We were chatting one day, her sharing some wisdom and context to some of my experiences. Near the end of our chat, she looked at me and smiled. “Muy analítico!” she said, “You think so much with your head… you need to move more from your heart.”

I burst in to tears – I knew this was the core of the healing work I knew I was called there to do. It's a reminder that's come through all my teachers on the healing and spiritual path since, and a constant practice of mine.

A few weeks ago, I had the blessing to be with my spiritual teacher, Amma, who was visiting from India. I went to her with some questions, of course from my mind (see - I said it was a constant practice ;), and as I stood by her, I felt a strong call to shift my attention away from my mind's questions, and into my heart. There, resting in this space, without her saying a word, I had all the answers I needed, and saw all in front of me in a space of pure clarity and deep love.

When we move from the heart...

We move from a space of love and compassion, for ourselves and others.

We act in the highest form of service, and away from ways we might consciously or unconsciously enslave ourselves or others.

We move away from fear, and towards our highest power.

Our heart connects us to our inner wisdom that is beyond our analytical mind. When we connect to this space, we connect to our intuition, our highest selves, the highest consciousness. In our mind-driven society, it's not an easy practice to move from our heart. It takes practice, trial and error, and a constant remembering.

The more we practice listening to the call of our heart, the less we have to turn outside us for answers. The more we courageously follow our heart, the clearer the path ahead of us becomes. 

On my end...

Exciting news! As many of you know, I'm currently subletting my West Queen West studio space. Well, the universe blew open some pretty magical doors, and I'm following my heart to officially take over the lease this fall :) 

Toronto family, I'll be in town until August 15, and back mid-September - send me a note if you want to pop in for a heart-focused healing in the next week or two! Orangeville/Headwaters family, I'll be near you for this period for healings, workshops, and lots of yoga classes at Discover Your Yoga - see the schedule here!

I'm cooking up lots of exciting events for the fall... stay tuned, and as always, stay in your heart :) 

With love,