Sweet Surrender


A vision...

I’m led to a vast wall of riches. These aren’t material riches per se, but instead represent my heart’s desires, all I could imagine or seek in this lifetime. I'm in awe of what lies ahead. As I face this wall, I notice I’m gripping on to a handful of similar riches. They’re not 'bad' by any means. But it's very clear what's in my palms in no way compare to the vastness that’s ahead of me.
Then, I understand why I’m here. I realize if I release and offer what’s in my hand, I'll reach what's ahead of me. Logically, this is an easy investment.
And yet – I can’t let go. I’m trying, but my grip is tight. Why? Because what’s in my hand is what I know. It’s what I’ve carried around with me up to this point. My attachments. It holds with it some measure of safety perhaps, but mostly the comfort of the idea of control. 
The vast wall of ahead of me represents what the energy of my soul is capable of, if I relax, let myself be guided, and take inspired action accordingly. What I grip in my hands represents what my mind is capable of, if I attempt to hold on and control the ride. 

This vision came while in a deep meditation with my teacher Amma at her ashram in India this winter, and it carried a potent lesson for me around surrender. It clearly illuminated my mind's strong desire to know and control what’s going to happen, and what could happen if I released that grip.

Since then, I’ve been working on a sweet surrender – away from the attachments of my ego mind, and towards the call of my heart. This is far from passive. To me, surrender is not an “I give up,” or “I’ll sit back and wait for everything to roll in for me.” Rather, surrender is ceasing resistance – letting go of the internal battle, and learning to swim with the tide and let the waves of your life carry you where you have always meant to arrive to. You use the beautiful intelligence of your mind in service to your heart's lead, not as the sole captain of the ship.

Far from surrender being unsavory, I think it’s one of the most courageous things we can do in service to our hearts. Surrender requires we stay alert – listening deeply to our intuition, noticing the synchronicities around us, and leaning in towards them. It requires we learn to adapt as the tide shifts. It requires a broader faith that there is more to our lives than we may consciously see at the moment, and a trust in where the call of our heart is lifting us to.

Let's practice together

As we slip in to the changing currents of fall, I invite you to join me in surrender. What are you resisting? What are you holding on to or trying to control? Where and how can you cease the internal battle?

And... where might you go?

Can you hold your highest visions and heart’s longings, and take inspired action towards them –  without attachment to how and when they will manifest?

Can you open to surprises and synchronicities, trusting there are no accidents in your path?

Can you relax, open and align your body, mind and heart, and swim with the current your intuition is leading you towards?

Surrender offers many gifts. Perhaps paradoxically, the deeper I've let go of my mind’s reigns on its own notions and projections, the more beautiful opportunities I've found arise. The deeper I've surrendered, the clearer the path ahead of me has become. The deeper I’ve surrendered, the more faith and trust I’ve built, and the more peace of mind I’ve found to rest in. 

As always, I'm here to help in any way I can offer. Lots of opportunities to practice and study together this fall – yoga, meditation, and The Art of Intuiton and Reiki Level I + The Art of Energy workshops – as well as healings to help kickstart your journey in to the sweetness of surrender.

With love,