Healing Requires Courage


Hi beautiful souls,

Healing is not about trying to erase or bury the past, hoping some quick and easy fix of happiness will fall down upon us. Healing is about getting in the dirt. Digging deep. Seeing what we may not want to see. Doing what we may not want to do. But trusting ourselves that the way forward is in and through.
Healing requires courage. Healing requires trust. Healing requires hope.
All those things that you may not want to see, to acknowledge, to hold? Those are your gifts. We cultivate resilience because we fall. We cultivate compassion because we hurt. We cultivate creativity because we don’t conform. Difficult as they are, your wounds hold the gifts to helping you step into your highest and fullest self. Rocks are smoothed through the tumble. Fertile ground is created through the fire. Your challenges shape your highest evolution.
Below is a ritual to help look at the things you may not have been looking at. Not to throw them away. To embrace them. Oftentimes once we’re able to see how our wounds have helped us grow, we can more readily release their tight grip on us, forge a clearer path forward, and stand more truly in all our gifts and light.

With care and compassion this month, reflect on some of your challenges and pains. How did they teach you? How did they strengthen you? How did they open you? How have you grown?
Let your heart’s wisdom speak. Find the gifts in your wounds: Because of _______ (the wound), I am ________ (the gifts, i.e. resilient, compassionate, creative). What qualities did you cultivate through you’re the difficulty?
Super important – for anything you are currently facing, or anything that feels particularly raw or triggering, please seek out the assistance of a qualified professional as you reflect. You need not take on all your healing alone. Seek out guidance. Allow yourself to receive support.

Let's practice together, shall we?

The weather is cooling, the days are darkening, and fall is calling us inward. I had an amazing full-circle trip in NYC, and Toronto is keeping me busy on my toes this month with much to share! If you’re seeking guidance and support on your own healing journeys, and finding the gifts in your challenges, I’m always here for healings (you can book here) and yoga + meditation classes (schedule below). For all my corporate folks, check your benefits coverage - if Reiki, yoga, or meditation is covered under your benefits, I'm happy to provide a receipt for you :)

Two big workshops this month: The Art of Intuition is to help you dive deep into your heart’s calling on Sunday, October 14, and Reiki Level I training on Saturday, October 27 will help prepare you for a winter full of self-healing, stress & anxiety-busting, and spiritual & intuitive openings. These two workshops are always full of mind-openings, heart-openings, and big transformations... can't wait to share :)

May you have the courage to be present with your pains. To see the gifts in the challenges. To tell your truths. To fight your battles. To spread your love. May you welcome all the changes of the season with ease and grace.

With love,
ayah  x