Hi beautiful souls,

What a year of awakening. Did you feel it?

Deep in the healing. We’ve seen deep and dark shadows. This is good. We cannot heal what we cannot see. Gratitude for all that’s uncovered. We’ve also seen bright and brilliant light. This is good. We cannot heal without hope for what might be. Gratitude for all that’s given us faith.

An important marker on your healing and spiritual journey is the cultivation of gratitude. Taking time to recognize all the good you have and experience, to rest in your joys and the joys of those you love and share space with. But also being grateful for the challenges, knowing these often hold the biggest keys to our personal and collective growth and evolution. Trusting no challenge would arrive on your doorstep if you didn’t have the strength to move through it, if it didn’t have some wisdom and insight and transformation for you.

I’ve been closing my classes lately with a moment of gratitude. To help us seal in the states of calm and clarity we cultivate, but also to remember our roots and the importance of extending our practices outside ourselves. I offer a version here for you, a chance to pause and reflect on your year of healing and growth. I encourage you to make your own gratitude prayer, something to reflect on daily to help you remember all the light that surrounds you.

Gratitude for it all

Gratitude first, for yourself. For all the time and space you carved out this year for your healing, your growth, your evolution. Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come. The heights you’ve soared to and valleys you’ve climbed from. May you always remember and honour your connection to yourself.

Gratitude to our roots. To the roots of our healing practices and the roots of our own cultures. To all the teachers who have carried these traditions on for us for many thousands of years. May we remember and honour the roots of what we practice and where we come from.

Gratitude to the land we live and practice on. To all those we share it with, and all those who were here long before our arrival. May we remember and honour the roots of where we live and the caretakers of the land.

Gratitude to the earth that nourishes and supports us. May we remember and honour all we receive from the earth, and care for her consciously.

Gratitude to all those that support us. Gratitude to all those whom we have the opportunity to support. May we remember and honour our connection to each other, particularly across boundaries and divisions.

May the effects of our healing benefit not just us, but all those we have the opportunity to share space and community with. May we remember to care for ourselves, for each other, and for the world. We all need it so.

Let's close the year together, shall we?

Join me to reflect on your year and distill and integrate all the wisdom you've gained at this month's New Moon CircleTwo workshops coming in January - Inner Radiance, designed to help you see all the magic you hold within you, and Art of Intuition, back by popular demand to help you attune to all the wisdom you hold within. Full details on all are below. I'm also excited to share the magic of meditation at the 2019 Kickstarter: Wellness for Success workshop on January 4... let me know if you'll be there!

If the holidays have you feeling frenzied or low, come connect in a private healing session (you can book here) or yoga + meditation class. I'm in Toronto from December 4th onward and would love to see you!

Lastly, a gift for you to help bring in some calm in an often swirling-busy, full of feels season. However we've had the opportunity to connect on this wild ride of life, know that I am grateful for you and all you bring to our world. Click here to dive into some holiday peace + calm with me.

Times may be challenging, but in all challenges lie opportunities. May the fires of your heart continue to blaze. May you continue to work towards and for all that touches your heart. And may you care for yourself deeply in the process.

Here's to remembering all you have and all you are, with a full heart.

With love,