New Beginnings


Clean Slate

What would you do if you moved to a new city? Free from the tethers of the past. Free from other people's ideas or attachments to who you are. Free from your own stories and expectations about what you "should" uphold.

If you were given a clean slate, how would you craft your story? How would you walk in the world? Which communities would you seek out? What shape would your dreams take? Who would you give yourself permission to be?

Spend some time — on your cushion, your mat, your bath, with your journal —envisioning what this may look like. Allow yourself full freedom. Allow yourself full connection. Allow your fullest, highest vision. Let it all in.

Now — how can you bring this vision to life without a big external move, but rather an internal shift? This practice isn't about erasing your past. It's about giving yourself permission to envision a clean slate, and then working to bring that energy in to your current life. Right where you are. Right as you are. 

Too often we hold ourselves in from expressing our truest nature. We hold ourselves in our own constraints and all the ideas and judgments of others. When we constrain, we block our flow with our highest self and impede our healing and evolution. When we free the reigns, we learn to allow and surrender to the present moment and all the magic it offers us.

How will you feel? 

I love the new year. It's full of promise. Fresh energy. New hopes. New dreams.

In place of hard-set new year's resolutions, personally, I'm all about intentions — the ways I want to feel, be and move in the world. These qualities act as signposts for my growth and action, but still allow me to stay in a state of flow and surrender, with all the twists and turns life brings. My intentions inform my state of being, and they inspire all my doing.

Bringing ourselves back to the first practice — if you freed yourself from all constraints, who would you be? How would you move? How would you feel? 

How can you bring this in to the new year?

2018, let's do this!

This month, two beautiful new events to practice and grow together. January21, I'm leading a slow and sweet yoga flow to open us up for all the magic my dear sister Catie Fenn has to share in  The Circle: Surrender Series. We're so excited to share this night with you... last year we both practiced the true art of surrender, and learned how much magic it brings in :) 

January 22, I'm diving into another favourite area with Tap Into Your Intuition, in collaboration with the amazing women of The Quiet Co and Health Hut. If leading with your heart is on your new year's intention list, this one's a must. This is an intro to intuitive theories and practices to connect to your inner guidance, designed as a complement to my more intensive Art of Intuitioncoming in March. 

More details on all events are below, and as always, all levels are welcome. Given past track record, both will likely sell out... grab your spot soon :) 

If you'd like to work together 1:1 this month, healings (in-person or remote) offer you the space to reset and renew your body, mind, and heart, and connect with your soul to allow your highest visions for the year in. As always, each session provides you intuitive guidance and wellbeing practices to help you stay in harmony. I'm also available for private meditation and/or yoga instruction to get you set up with a beautiful routine for connection this year. And if wellness is on your office's radar for the new year, take a peek at the corporate + group offerings I'm bringing out in 2018 :)

If you'd like to book a session, have questions on an event, or just want to share your intentions for the year (I'd love to hear!) — I'm always here.

May this year bring you many blessings, much growth, and lots of love. May you come closer to seeing the vastness that already lies within you, and may you share more of your beautiful light with the world. May we all be happy, free and at peace, and may we hold hope for all to come. 2018, let's make some magic!

With love,
ayah x