Soul Callings

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Hi beautiful souls, 

What a year… and we're only one month in! Anyone else feel like you've lived a third of the year in the past month?! :) 

It’s been a joy to share so much with so many of you already. Across the board, common themes are arising. Many of us are being called to level up in our connection to our heart, our intuition, and our soul. We’ve seen much tumult around the world, and there is a greater call for you to show up and shine in all the ways you were always meant to. This was the call of this week’s full moon lunar eclipse in Leo – there is no more playing it small!

So, how do we step into our highest callings? 

There is opening to all the magic of your soul. Following your joy. Taking in the beauty that surrounds you in so many ways. Resting in love. Noticing the serendipities and inspirations that show you all the glimmers that lie beyond the mind’s analytical reach. This is the opening.

And then, equally as important, there is the courage to take a hard look at what isn't so pretty. In the system of yoga, an integral piece of the process of connection to our soul is actively working through our vasanas, the negative tendencies of the mind (judgment, fear, anger, etc.) that hold us back from our highest evolution. In energy healing, we also work through your emotions and energy system to see, understand, and then let go of what has been buried. We listen to our body as the mirror it is, seeking to holistically heal the root of imbalances rather than just bandage the symptom. All this takes accountability, a willingness to show up fully instead of glossing over, sweeping away, or making excuses for. Whatever is holding you back must be fully seen to be released. This is the clearing.

Making space

As you clear lower level vibrations, emotions, thought patterns and tensions, you have more space to see and hold your highest visions and highest light, to connect with that which is so much greater than your body or mind alone.
Our bodies and minds are not infinite. They cannot hold more and more and more, and so we must actively clear away clutter when we want to welcome in fresh, uplifting energy, thoughts, and feelings. If you want to redecorate your home, it doesn’t quite work to push all your old stuff in a corner, cover it with a cloth, and try to place the new around it. Doing so would make you feel suffocated, and wouldn’t yield a pretty result.

It is the same with our body, mind and heart. We must take time to clear out the old to welcome in the new. This is why we attend to our healing. This is why we remain committed to our practices. This is how we grow, by listening and responding to the whispers of our body, mind, heart and soul. Actively choosing the higher over the lower. Being brave and courageous with every step we take.
If things are feeling serendipitous and joyful – that is your soul knocking, reminding you of your highest essence. Don’t shy away from it! Open up. If things are feeling heavy or dense – that too is your soul knocking, letting you know it's time to release. Don’t shy away from this, either. Be with it. Heal it. Release it with love.

We all get both types of knocks often. Embrace it all. As long as we are here being human, there is always work to be done and growth to be had. This is no reason to give up hope. From my own experience, I can attest the more we attend to our inner work, the more beautiful and magical our journey becomes, the more present we are, and the more fully and richly we live and feel.

We're all in this together

I can also attest – you are not alone in your journey, and you need not do this big work alone. If your soul is calling and you're ready to dive deep, come connect for a healing, class or workshop. I’ve cultivated more spaces for us to grow with each other, including my new New Moon Ritual circle, SundayRestoration, and the Art of Intuition deep-dive. There are a handful of spaces left for the New Moon Ritual and Art of Intuition Workshop – let me know if you're in :)
We are being called this year to attune more to our feelings – not just our thinkings – and listen more to our wise inner guidance system. I've recommended some practices at the end of this email to help you tune in. As well, stay connected on Instagram or Facebook (make sure you click 'follow' + 'see first' so it doesn't get lost :), where I've been sharing some more of my heart wisdom this year.

Stepping into your soul's calling is not just about what you do in the world, though that is a part of it. More so, it about who you came here to be, owning all the beautiful qualities you hold and not being afraid to let them shine. 2018 is not playing around. I can feel it in my bones that this year is going to be a big one for us all… are you ready?! :)
Sending you all my love in this month of love,