Blissful Balance


Hi beautiful souls,

Balance is in the stars, the skies, and the earth right now… and of course, within you too. 

Spring Equinox marked a day of balance between the light and the dark in our skies, the yang energy of the sun and the yin energy of the moon. This energy is still with us as day and night are mostly equal. We are just coming off a full moon in Libra, the sign of fairness, equality and harmony. The sign of the balanced scales encourages us to find this inner balance, and the full moon likely helped illuminate some areas that were off-balance. Mercury is retrograde, an astrological period that encourages us to relax, rest, and review. And yet, we’re also in Aries, the sign of bold action, creation and movement. There's friction in this timing, but friction can also be a huge catalyst for growth. 
It’s not just in the stars. It’s in the earth too, all around us. For those of you in Ontario, our weather is in that in-between state. Not quite the depths of winter, yet not quite the full bloom of spring. Our bodies aren’t quite sure what to make of it. And that cold that seems to be going around everywhere? When our energy is off balance, our immune system becomes compromised. Our bodies often get sick to force us to rest and recalibrate.
Above all, this potential for balance always lies within us. Our surroundings have simply created the perfect storm of energy to inspire us to reflect on, discover, and embody our own inner balance.

Finding the Equilibrium

Personally, I was super in yang mode in February, making, going, and doing. As you all know, the universe put a screeching halt to that when my pup went in for emergency surgery (he is doing well now and near fully recovered – thank you for all the love + well wishes!). I took the cue, and March was all about yin mode, resting, receiving, and nurturing. The pendulum swung hard one way, and hard the other way. In April, I’m inspired to find the balance on a daily basis... and I'd love to have you join me :)

Which way has the pendulum been swinging for you? Have you been in fierce yang mode, planning, doing, creating, thinking, go-go-go-ing? Or have you been in a super yin flow, opening, receiving, resting, intuiting, nurturing, just relishing in be-ing? Both are beautiful, in balance. Swing too hard one way for too long, and life will throw you some big curveballs to encourage some more balance internally and externally.
In this new month and fresh season, I encourage you to set your spring intentions and practices to find greater balance and harmony. What’s one big goal you’d like to plan, create, and act towards? And each day, can you make some space for an activity or action outside your comfort zone, planning, doing or giving something towards a new personal frontier?
On the flip side, what’s one thing you’d like to welcome in, open up to receiving? Something you're fully open to surrendering toward, without any hard action, plans or stories on your end? And what’s one yin activity you can do each day, allowing yourself to just blissfully be without any agenda? 

Blooming into Spring

If you're called to set these intentions together, I'd love to have you for this month’s New Moon Ceremony, focusing on the theme of new beginnings. This sacred space is designed for healing, reflection, and the planting of beautiful new seeds. For those of you craving some deep self-care, self-reflection and spiritual opening, I welcome you to join me for my bi-annual Reiki Level I training. This day is deeply transformative, and a beautiful opportunity to shed old layers and connect deeply to your heart, soul, and truest essence. If you’re looking to cultivate some deep balance amongst the body, mind, heart and spirit, come join me for an in-person or remote healing or private yoga or meditation teaching.
Have fun with your intentions and practices. You may be surprised how beautiful it is to play on the other side of your innate tendencies. And, you may discover some blissful energy and wisdom that has always been resting within you :)

With love,