Calling in your Highest Alignment


Hi beautiful souls,

A practice for you:

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Centre your attention in your heart space. Take 5 – 10 minutes to be with the breath, to get quiet and still.

And then, welcome in these questions:

My highest alignment looks like…
My highest alignment feels like… 

Notice any visions, messages or feeling sensations that come as you sit with these questions. Notice both the internal (How does this alignment show up in your body, mind, heart and connection with your soul?) and the external (Where do you see yourself? What are you doing? Who surrounds you?) Allow your intuition to speak fully, clearly. Let all the whispers of your heart be heard.

And then, ask your inner guidance: 

What steps can I take to embody my highest alignment? 

Maybe it’s something you need to release, or something you’re ready to welcome in. Maybe a new practice to begin, or a quality to embody in thought, word and deed. Maybe it’s a big leap, maybe a few smaller steps. Maybe it's something to do solo, or a tug to call in extra support. Whatever steps arise are what you’re ready for. Have courage to take them.

Alignment feels like home

In the asana practice of yoga, we talk about alignment a lot. Making sure the body rests in the right posture to receive the maximum benefit of the asana, and protect you from any injuries that often spring up from misalignments. Oftentimes we don’t even realize we’re out of alignment until a teacher gives a certain cue or comes over for an adjustment, and then – ahhhh. We get it. Wefeel it.

But the system of yoga is about so much more than just the physical practice. It's working through the body, breath and mind to find union with our highest self. It's practices and philosophies to help us embody our highest alignment, internally and externally. This is why I show up for my asana practice and meditation daily, and turn to energetic healing again and again. I've tried many practices and healing modalities, but these are the ones that for years and years now have worked for me to truly connect body, mind, heart and soul, and to keep this alignment consistently integrated. 

They are no one-shot magic cure. They take consistent practice and commitment. And yet each time I practice, I feel a coming home. An ease. A deep comfort. And a deep courage and faith in the process even when things feel uncomfortable. That is how I know these practices hold the keys to embodying my highest alignment. And this is why I share them with you with such heart.

Let's practice together, shall we?

We're still riding the energetic waves of eclipse season, Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde, and more. The good news? While we may feel a bit more on edge, these energetic shifts are all here to help serve our highest alignment. They clearly illuminate what is no longer serving our highest evolution. If we have the courage to dig deep and look at these shadows, we also have a big opportunity for healing and clearing. And each eclipse and retrograde acts like a portal. If we take time to tune into what our highest alignment looks like and feels like, and have the courage to take bold steps towards that vision, we have a big opportunity to step into our highest evolution and callings - oftentimes quicker than we may expect ;)

I’m in Toronto this whole month (wahoo!), so hope to see you for yoga + meditation classes, and the New Moon Circle, finally back and at our new home at the beautiful (and still intimate :) The Quiet Company studio. Also getting ready to hit the road with my The Art of Intuition deep-dive, coming to Maha Rose in NYC (a longtime dream of mine!) September 22, Health Hut in TorontoOctober 14, and a special PEC spot in the fall :) As well, always here to support you remotely or in-person via healings if you need extra support to heal and release any misalignments, and embody fully your highest alignments.

May you have the courage to see, learn from, and release fully anything that may feel out of alignment, inside and out. May you have the courage to see, trust in, and work towards your highest visions, inside and out. And may you welcome in and practice your highest alignment this month with a spirit of play, so you can root into it fully in time for Fall's power and force.

The doors are opening. May you courageously step through, embodying your highest alignment fully and wholly.

With love,