There Will Never Be Another Moment Like This


Hi beautiful souls,

There will never be another moment like this.

Here you are. Breathing this breath. Reading these words. Feet (or seat) grounded right where you are.
Pause. Deep inhale. Full exhale. Take it in. How much this moment has to offer you. To teach you. To nourish you.   
One we emerge into this world, the only guarantee we have is at some point, at some place, we will leave it. And in between the entry and the exit, we are where we are. In each moment. Breathing each breath. As it is. As we are.
Everything else – all that has been, all that will be – simply remains a story.
So... Be here. Breathe here. Soak things in here. All the richness, all the fullness this moment has to offer.
So often we run from all that is. We don’t want to look at the pain the present may hold for fear it will be too great to overcome. And sometimes we don’t even take in the joy the present holds for fear it will slip right through our fingers.
So, if things feel great here and beautiful, are you savoring it? Are you allowing yourself to rest fully in it? Be with it. Inhale.
And if things do not feel as great, are you listening? Are you being present with how this pain may somehow hold a teaching for you, how perhaps it might be an integral piece of your becoming? Be with it. Exhale.
Here you are. As you are. The person you have fought so hard to become, with all the wisdom you have gained. And too, here you are. As you are. The person who still has so many seeds of becoming yet to sprout, so much still to unfold and unfurl for you.
Here you are. In all your beauty. All your glory. All your fullness. Even if it doesn't feel like it right now, I promise it's in you to uncover.

How much opportunity this moment has for us. 

Be here. Breathe here.
There will never be another moment like this.

Let's practice together, shall we?

September always heralds change for me, a chance for new beginnings. Even more so this year, after all the intense energy of this summer of eclipses + retrogrades (we made it! #phew). 

I'm so excited to unveil my new healing offering that has been incubating since early this year. All the benefits of a regular healing, plus a personalized guided meditation throughout to keep you anchored, present, and help unlock and access your own intuitive wisdom. More details on my Intuitive Healing Journey are below, as well as upcoming workshops + classes, and reflection questions to help you dive a little deeper into your practice :)

I’ll be in NYC September 21 - 29, and available for remote + local NYC healingsthat week, and local Toronto healings before and after. For my 9-5 client crew, alas- evenings + Sundays are already booked this month (save for one spot on Sunday Sept 9 if you want to snag it!), but September weekday slots are open as are October evening + weekends. As always, you can book directly here.

May you ground right where you are, just as you are, again, and again, and again this month. There is nothing more beautiful than being wide awake to all this moment has to offer you, teach you, and nourish you.

With love,
ayah  x