It's All In You


Hi beautiful souls,

Happiest of new years to you!

‘Tis the season. New beginnings. Fresh starts. The whole year lays ahead of us, vast and sparkling like an open field after a fresh snow.

With the year full opportunity, it’s a great time to map out your resolutions and goals, all you want to call in, do and be. And while there’s nothing wrong with setting external goals, I encourage you to take the time to go within, too. Hard-set goals work beautifully for some people (earth signs, looking at you), but for many of us, they can leave us feeling defeated if they don’t materialize.

Here’s the thing. As many eastern philosophies teach us, the cause of the vast majority of our suffering is our attachments. We crave this or that, thinking when we get it, all things will finally fall into place. That mythical blanket of happiness will come down upon us. And sometimes it does, which is wonderful, but anything we gain outside ourselves is always temporary. That’s the nature of this world, just like our breath.

We inhale. We rest in places of fullness. We exhale. We rest in places of emptiness. And then again comes the inhale.

No breath can be held forever, just like no moment in time can be held forever. No person, place or thing rests eternally unchanging. Transformation is a guarantee. Try to hold that breath forever… even if you go blue in the face trying, eventually the wisdom of your body will override your mind and force that exhale. Life works a little like that too.

It's all in the feeling

Despite what the mind may say, at the heart level we know what we’re seeking isn’t actually the external thing. We want the job, the partner, the weight loss, the travel, the whatever, for the feeling they will evoke.

Here’s the secret of the ancient mystics and seers: none of those external things are the source of those feelings. The job doesn’t transport you to some magical office free from challenges – it awakens the feelings of purpose and fulfillment within you. The partner doesn’t emit some magical force-field of energy around them (even though sometimes it feels like that ;) – they awaken feelings already within you. Even those wild psychedelic trips… those substances don’t hold the world of visions within them – they unlock the doors of perception already within you (and because of this, yes, it’s very possible to unlock those doors without the psychedelics!)

That’s why eastern philosophies place so much emphasis on meditation. We turn inward to discover that all we’re seeking – the joy, the love, the bliss – is right within us. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work towards external goals or enjoy the wonder of the world around us. It means understanding the source is within you. The rest is just icing on the cake. With this knowledge, we learn to surrender our attachments a little more, and accept the highs and lows of life with a little more ease and grace.

So amongst all the energy of new beginnings, I encourage you to take some time to reflect not just on what you want to achieve this year, but also on how you want to feel. What’s that inner feeling you’re seeking, and how can you carve out space to discover, explore and rest in all the wonder that lies inside of you? The more you connect to that feeling within, the more the external things aligned with that feeling fall into place... often in far more magical ways that your mind could have envisioned :)

Let's kick things off together, shall we?

This is why I share all I do, to help you connect to that vast and fulfilling inner world. As the poet Hafez so sweetly puts it, "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." 

I’m holding lots of sacred space this month for you to journey within. If you want some help getting clear on what's calling you this year, join for the New Moon Circle. If you're seeking connection to all the magic you hold within you, join for the Inner Radiance workshop. And if you're ready for an intuition-led year, join for Art of Intuition, back by popular demand to help you attune to all the wisdom you hold within. Full details on all are below, and of course, yoga + meditation classesare on as always.

If you’re called for a deep-dive connection, join me for a private healing sessionwhere you'll explore and rest in those places of deep calm and clarity within you. NYC fam (and all those with fam in NYC!), I’ll be in town January 15 – 20... if you’d like a healing, drop me a note and we’ll work it out :) For my Toronto fam, as always, you can book online here.
May this year be full of explorations, inner and outer, that help you reach new heights. May you connect with yourself and the world around you in new depths. May the light of the sun, moon and stars enchant you, and may you never forget the most radiant of lights is right within you.

Here's to a new year full of magic and opportunity!

With love,