Why we heal


Hi beautiful souls,

And hello, October! A deep month for healing, for letting go, for transformation. We’ve passed the fall equinox, ushering in a season with more darkness in our days than light, more cool in the air than warmth. This is nothing to lament or run from. It means more time to come inward, more time to connect with the light and warmth within us rather than simply reaching for it outside of us. It means more time to expand inwardly rather than just outwardly. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that I see an uptick in healing clients coming in ready do the inner work in the fall. This season is truly designed for our healing and inner growth.

There is a Buddhist teaching that always resonated deeply with me. It holds that within each of us is a radiant, luminous, brilliant diamond. Our healing and spiritual practices are not about taking us outside ourselves. Our healing and spiritual practices are about taking us inward to buff away the rough rock that covers that diamond. Our healing and spiritual practices are about unveiling that radiance, luminosity and brilliance that’s been in us all along.

People often think healing is about fixing parts of us that are broken, or trying to become something different or ‘better.’ I think healing is more about coming home to ourselves. Rather than fixing what seems broken, we go deep within ourselves to see the parts of us that are whole. Rather that transforming into something new, we work to see and clear through the blocks and masks that have been veiling that which is already whole within us. In the light of all that is whole, we can see, integrate and heal our fears and shadows with courage and strength. In the light of all that is whole, we can let our true radiance shine.

I went through a deep journey of personal healing myself last month. I had some long-held dreams come to fruition recently, and in opening to allow myself to truly receive what my heart had been calling for, I was tasked to see and move through all the ways I was still holding myself back. All the old stories, fears, and pains that were veiling that receptivity and light within me. Deeper layers of my healing called me inward. It was humbling, a reminder that healing is a journey rather than a destination. It was strengthening, knowing the deeper I go within my own healing, the deeper I’m able to take all of you in yours. It was enlightening, a reminder of the power that comes when we commit to our healing.

We heal to uncover the parts of ourselves that our whole. We heal to find deeper connections to ourselves and those we share our lives with. We heal to be more present for our joys. We heal to be more compassionate for our pains. We heal to allow more space to receive what our heart and soul are calling in. We heal to let go of what is holding us back. We heal to find more calm, clarity, and ease. We heal to find more courage, steadiness, strength. We heal to let the light in. We heal to let our light shine. We heal to find our humanity and be better partners, parents, children, siblings, lovers, friends, and community members. We heal to become better stewards and shepherds of this earth. We heal to find peace. We heal to find love. We heal to come back home to ourselves.

To be human is to heal. To heal is to be human. I think the ones most willing to attend to their own healing are the ones who hold the greatest courage, strength, and power. They are the ones ready to turn towards rather than away, towards both the light and the shadow, both the joy and the pain. The world needs more people committed to healing, individually and collectively. The world needs more people ready to rise in in courage rather than run in fear, to work towards more unity and equality rather than divisiveness and disparity, to hold more love and compassion rather than indifference and hate. Both within us and around us.

Coming together

The journey of healing is not always easy, but the rewards are great. For you and for us all. May you find within you the courage to heal, and the courage to rise to all the light and power in you.

If you’d like support in your healing journey, I am always here for you. Full details on my intuitive healing offerings are here, and you can book a healing here, in-person or remotely - both hold the same format and efficacy.

For those looking to heal alongside community, join me for my New Moon Healing Circle October 28. This new moon is in Scorpio, the sign that knows it is often in journeying through the darkest depths that we find the brightest lights. We will go deep in this one, that I promise :) Our TRANSFORM Retreat has sold out yet again, but send me a note if you'd like to join the waitlist should a spot open up. And for my Reiki I healers, a reminder Reiki Level II is coming up November 16.

May this month bring you healing. May this month bring you wholeness. May this month take you home to yourself, to all that radiance, luminosity and brilliance that's been in you all along.

With love,
ayah x