Sacred Portals


Hi beautiful souls,

I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and had the opportunity to see the Hilma af Klint 'Paintings for the Future' exhibit at the Guggenheim. Af Klint was a Swedish artist who created much of her abstract work in the early 1900s, long before this style was popular. Her work, like many great artists, went largely unrecognized while she was alive. But perhaps, this was part of the plan. Af Klint wrote in the notes for her estate explicit instructions that her work not be exhibited for at least 20 years until she passed. The world as it was then, she believed, was simply not ready to understand.

A century later, it’s the future. Clearly, we’re ready.

I had quite the transcendent experience climbing the Guggenheim’s spiraled floors, moving deeper and deeper into af Klint’s work. She was deeply spiritual, and her work reflected that. "The pictures were painted directly through me, without any preliminary drawings, and with great force," she said. "I had no idea what the paintings were supposed to depict; nevertheless I worked swiftly and surely, without changing a single brush stroke."

So many paintings felt like a portal into a deeper understanding of realityan opportunity to transcend the rational mind and see, perhaps, a broader truth. Some of her paintings mirrored energetic experiences I’ve had, my perception of the light and shadow within us, and the power in sacred symbols and patterns. In seeing these works, in a way, I too felt seen. Here is the work of a woman who passed decades before I was born, who lived in a completely different time and culture than my own, who worked in a different medium than my own, and yet – her work felt like it paralleled my work. Her way of seeing felt so close to my own.

Portals of connection

It’s easy in our world to feel disconnected, especially here in the ever-independently minded West, especially in this hibernate-or-bust season of winter. To feel alone in our little islands. But little portals of connection are always there for us, inviting us to see a little deeper into the interconnected web that holds us. Art can be a portal. Music can be a portal. That person on social media who speaks the truth you know in your heart. That person in your class who holds the presence you know in your bones. A smile from a stranger. A deep gaze in the eyes of a loved one. The feeling of connection is a portal, but so too is the feeling of aloneness, perhaps an opportunity to step into a deeper awakening or new calling.

I invite you this month to call in and honour the sacred portals and sacred connections you encounter, no matter how small. Maybe you open a new journal to map them out, or make a list on your phone. What do you see, and what does it awaken within you? How do you feel, and what does that open within you? There is no one like you, but there are also many people like you. Each flake of snow that falls is unique in its design, its path, and its landing, but they also come from the same source and are composed of the same substance. Isn’t that a little like us, too?

Let's gather together, shall we?

I offer healings and guide you through classes because those are the sacred portals for me, the things that bring me home to myself and awaken my highest knowing again, and again, and again. I share them not just because they are my medicine, but also because I believe deeply in my bones their potential to do the same for you. Perhaps this is part of our connection, too :)

If you’re called, join me for a private healing session to find that sacred portal and connection to your highest wisdom and expansion (as always, you can book online here.) We also have a few more spots left for this month's New Moon Circle, where we'll move through some guided portals together in the spirit of Aquarius, the revolutionary. For my Reiki students, last call for Reiki Level II, and for those seeking movement + meditation, yoga + meditation classes are on as always!
May you step with ease through the all doors waiting for you, portals ready to carry you, and connections ready to hold you. 

With love,