Emotional Alchemy


Hi beautiful souls, 

As we move into the last of winter (I hope!) and the depths of Pisces season, it’s a good time to be present with all the feels – and perhaps, learn to appreciate them rather than resist them.

This is my second winter in Canada after spending two winters away, and as much as I’ve had my moments with the bone-chilling cold and ice, I also realize the opportunity winter affords us for our healing and our feeling. Winter is an introspective season, a time to go within. To process, rest and restore. To attend to our roots, what is buried deep within us.

And whatever emotions have been bubbling below the surface usually come to their head by the end of winter (if they haven’t already!) Our patience is worn thin, and we’re tired from all the extra energy it’s taken to keep up the hustle the world often expects from us, in what is intended to be a season of hibernation and restoration. It’s harder to stay rooted in our inner light and warmth when the outer world reflects the opposite… and that is ok!

There is nothing wrong with feeling all the feels. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, or irritated, or angry, or hurt, or disappointed, or remorseful, or afraid, and so on. The problem comes where we label these emotions as ‘bad.’ When we get trapped in thinking we need to be in ‘good vibes only’ mode all the time. When try to force that, chances are, we bury our emotions. There, more often than not, those emotions fester and build below the surface, and the masks we put on wear us thin. Eventually, something explodes on us... and let's be honest, often on those we love as well.

But, there's another way. Instead of viewing these feelings as ‘bad,’ can you view them as messengers? As the great Sufi poet Rumi muses in one of my favourite poems (scroll to the end of the email to read :), can you welcome and entertain them all?

That anger – has someone crossed a boundary you need to address, or have you seen someone hurt in a way that once hurt you? Could that be fuel for change? That sadness – can you let it wash through you and trust it is helping you make space for a new emergence? That fear – can you dig a little deeper and see what the origin of this fear might be? Can you let the fear take you to its root to heal, and can you let it inform the right boundaries and safety measures as you move forward?

Portals of connection

The power of treating our emotions as messengers is that we’re afforded the opportunity to transmute themStep one is feeling all the feels. Step two is becoming an emotional alchemist, transmuting that anger to action, that sadness to spaciousness, that fear to freedom. Rather than letting those feelings fester below the surface, we can be proactive and welcome them, sit with them, and let them heal us, shape us, and grow us.

Emotions are big stuff. They’re also beautiful. They’re what make us human in all our glory. Those feelings that may not feel good are powerful teachers. Through contrast and the power of duality, they also help us better touch all that does feel good. Those who know the brightest light have often seen the darkest night. Those who know the most powerful love have often felt the deepest heartbreak. The more present we can be with our sorrows, the more richly and fully we will experience our joys. Knowing this, can you trust these feelings as sacred messengers rather than unwanted guests?

I welcome you to use this month to welcome rather than resist your emotions, to be a wizard of the feels, an alchemist of emotions. Maybe you got swept in the freedom and liberation of Marie Kondo-ing your physical home… can you imagine the freedom and liberation of Kondo-ing your inner world in time for spring? Breaking out of the cocoon is an agitating process for the butterfly, but it’s the only way to freedom. And its process cannot be rushed. Let yourself be with all that arises this month so that you may emerge to your highest-flying self for spring.

Let's gather together, shall we?

If you need support with this emotional alchemy and deep healing, I’m always here to help support you in a healing session. My style of intuitive healing helps you get below the surface to see the connections amongst your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and help heal issues at their root, from the inside out. As always, you can book online here. If you’re called to gather for some group healing + intention setting, join me for the New Moon Circle in Pisces, the sign of the healers and feelers. I also have the Art of Energy coming back in time for some energetic cleansing for spring, and for those seeking movement + meditation, yoga + meditation classes are on as always!
May you practice presence with all your emotions this month, and may you trust their power to strengthen you, soften you, and shape you.

With love,