Your Roots Are A Sacred Gift


Hi  beautiful souls,

Happy spring! I just returned from a soul-nourishing trip to Winnipeg to visit my family. I was born in Winnipeg (fourth generation, as my Zaida never fails to bring up when introducing me!), and spent my childhood summers there with my grandparents. I flew out on my birthday, and there was something so grounding and uplifting about returning to my birthplace on my birthday. The time with my family nourished my soul in such a special way, and had me thinking a lot of the importance of honouring our roots.

I’ve taken a deeper return to my cultural roots in the last couple of years. I always laugh at how it took my Hindu spiritual teacher to lead me back to my Jewish roots. While my spiritual work deepened with her, I found my intuition calling me to explore a little more of my own roots. Synchronistic connections abounded. I found my heart lifted at lighting Shabbat candles, and my body nourished by the foods my ancestors have made for generations. I found myself crying tears (sometimes sobs) of resonance to Jewish prayers. I found myself called to dive back into some of Judaism and Kaballah’s texts, and found new resonance in their sacred teachings and symbols. Not in contrast to all the teachings that lit up my soul in India, but rather complimentary to. My teacher knew my soul, and she was leading me right back home to myself. I found a new grounding in my roots.

On a spiritual level, I believe nothing about our lives is by chance. There’s a reason your soul was born into your family and cultural background. There’s a reason you were born in the exact location and time you were, and why you grew up in the place and circumstances you did. There’s a reason you’ve been guided to the friends and teachers you’ve been guided to. All parts of your life are designed to help you heal and fulfill the growth your soul is calling to. And if you’re interested in deepening your understanding of yourself and your path, chances are your roots hold some potent keys to your path of blossoming. Your roots are a sacred gift.

Honouring all our roots

Reconnecting to your roots (in your own way, however calls your heart) offers you many chances to better understand yourself. To better understand what nourishes, guides and uplifts you. To gain some clues to why you may see the world in the way you do. It offers you chances to find connection and community, to feel a sense of belonging shared understanding. And as you find a deeper reverence for your roots, you may find a deeper reverence for the traditions of others.

In this globalized world, it seems we’re in a rush to modernize everything and ignore the deep and ancient roots. We take yoga as a fitness practice, ignoring the broader system of wisdom and practices gifted to us by the ancient Indian Rishis (seers) to help us find harmony in ourselves and the world. We use sage and palo santo as air fresheners rather than sacred medicinal herbs, ignoring the cries of Indigenous leaders and endangering these gifts from the earth. We think the latest 'high-vibe' thing is always outside of ourselves, elsewhere, rather than within, right here at home. When we don't attend to our roots, we limit our growth. And when we ignore our own roots and appropriate others, we lose a big part of our potential for connection, with each other and ourselves. 

This doesn’t mean you’re confined to a box of your own history. I believe our souls are beyond the boundaries of the ancestry we were born into, and you may find a deep resonance in other traditions. But in this age of commercialization and overconsumption, we need to take care. Treat all your tools and teachings as sacred, and take time to explore the ancient history and meaning they hold rather than just skimming the surface. Honour all you already have and are rather than jumping towards the latest thing. 

Take time to explore your own ancestry and history. Maybe that looks like connecting more with your family and learning your personal history. Maybe that looks like exploring what ancient herbs, symbols, deities, traditions, and teachings were used on your ancestral lands. Maybe that means tuning back into your cultural, religious and/or spiritual traditions, foods and arts with a new curiosity. Maybe some parts don’t resonate, and that's ok. But you may find new gifts there, ones that give you the keys to the doors that lead you right back home to yourself.

Winter teaches us that while the surface blooms may be gone, the roots are always holding, nourishing, and growing beneath the surface. And as the weather warms and the light returns in Spring, those roots offer us their gifts, bright and beautiful bounty. Perhaps your own roots hold equal bounty for you, too :)

Come back home to yourself

If you need support with some inner spring-cleaning and re-grounding back home to yourself, I’m always here to help support you in a healing session. My style of intuitive healing helps you get below the surface to see the connections amongst your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and help heal issues at their root, from the inside out. As always, you can book online here. 

If you’re called to gather for some group healing + intention setting, join me for the New Moon Circle in Aries, the sign that teaches us independence, determination, courage, and how rich and full life can be when we approach everything with a sense of adventure and zest for life. If you're looking to begin or deepen an existing meditation practice, I'm super excited to share some of my favourite practices with you in the Art of Meditation series, diving into how we can best calm, clarify and connect to our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits.
This month, may you behold the magic of the earth’s roots sprouting, and may that inspire you to turn back to your own roots, too. May you find grounding in your history, honouring and nurturing all that has held, shaped and supported you. And from this place of deep rooting, may you continue to blossom and bloom in the most bountiful of ways.

With love,