There Is No Rush


Hi  beautiful souls,

It seems many of us are resting in some form of liminal space, along with this elusive spring. I've been tested the last while on my presence in the midst of numerous transitions, many of which are finally coming to fruition this month (read on!), and some of which are still incubating. I laugh when I reflect on my twenties and how fast I leapt from change to change, living what feels like multiple lifetimes in one decade alone. My thirties are teaching me patience. How to be present and trusting in the liminal spaces, the gestating periods, the cocoons. Some things take a while to nurture. Things aren't always clear in the in-between. But then we arrive and understand, aha – no part of the journey was to be missed.

We want to get everywhere so fast. We have a dream today, and think it needs to manifest tomorrow. We know a chapter is beginning to close, and think we need to run out immediately. Our ego mind (and much of the world we’ve created) wants what it wants now. Our souls (and the wisdom of nature) teach us patience.

The bud blooms at its own pace, trusting its rooting and moving towards the light that beckons its reach. We can’t force the bloom open – we’d lose the beauty and fragrance. We can’t pull the bud to reach taller, bigger, faster – it would lose its roots. If you are in a stage of growth, trust your process and your path. Patience. There is no rush.

The snake instinctively sheds its skin, but it cannot force it all off at first go. It knows the shedding will unfold at its own time. If you are in a stage of release, trust your process and your path. Patience. There is no rush.

We may see a butterfly struggling to emerge from the chrysalis, but we can’t rip it open. If we let the butterfly out sooner than its ready for, its development is threatened and potential lessened. If you are seeing someone move through their own process, you can stand steadily by their side for support, but you cannot force them nor can you do it for them. Patience. There is no rush.

There’s beauty and wisdom in the process. Let it unfold. Present, aware, and trusting in the journey.

Patience. There is no rush.

Change is in the air

I've been taking my own medicine, practicing patience in the process of these transitions, many of which have been incubating for a while. They certainly weren't planned to coincide in such a short period of time, but it does feel like a spring rebirth now that it's all happening. There's a lot shaking, so here we go!

New Moon Circle – my last (!) one is this Thursday, May 2. I’ve been hosting these for a year and a half now, and with the close of the Quiet Co home on King West and my 1:1 healing practice growing, it feels like the right time to wrap this one up. I’ll still be sharing New Moon wisdom – stay tuned to my Instagram for that. In the meantime, just a few spots are left for the final hurrah!

Art of Intuition – this is also the last time I'll be hosting this workshop publicly in Toronto for the foreseeable future, so if it’s been on your radar, now’s the time!

Summer Retreat – and now for some new beginnings! I’m thrilled to share my first retreat alongside my dear friend and rockstar Transformational Coach Zoe Paliare. We're gathering on peaceful Lake Cecebe in the heart of summer to PAUSE – an opportunity to take space, be present, and breathe, deeply and fully. Earlybird pricing is on til May 24, and full scoop is here.

Class farewells – alas, we’re saying farewell to our Quiet Co home on King West due to building construction. I’ll be teaching my regular Thursday classes there until May 23, if you want to come for one last midday sit :) The Quiet Co will still be sharing their magic in a new form, so stay tuned!

Class hellos – I’m thrilled to join the +focus mindspace team, a new meditation, movement and art studio on Ossington. You can catch me here Monday evenings, and all classes are FREE (!) up until May 15. I'll also be sharing a brand new Practicing Presence workshop there on June 6. It’s a peaceful, bright, comfortable, art-filled space… come visit! 

Healing hurrahs – these remain steady as always at my West Queen West studio :) Many of the farewells above are to make more space for the growing number of you coming for healings. It’s been a joy to welcome many new faces along with some of you who have been with me since the beginning, and to see what beautiful transitions so many of you have stepped into. If you are called for support on your healing and/or spiritual journey, find me here.

May you practice presence and patience with the process in this season of transitions. May you remember all is unfolding in divine timing. Patience. There is no rush. You are right where you need to be in this beautiful stage of your becoming.

With love,

p.s. tell me, are you moving through any big (or small!) transitions? What have they been teaching you? I'd love to hear from you! 💗