All That Power


Hi beautiful souls,

What a month! I feel like I’m still wrapped in grace from my time with my teacher Amma, and rooted in power from my time with an incredible crew of women at our PAUSE retreat last weekend.

My time with Amma showed me just how much I’m capable of when I let the limits and stories of my mind go. How grace is always flowing generously and abundantly, and it’s often our minds that are the ones standing in our own way. How guidance is always there if we let out minds and hearts soften, open and surrender. How peace is a choice and an anchor for us all.

My time with the PAUSE family showed me just how much we’re all capable of when we’re honest, open and vulnerable with ourselves and each other. How interwoven we all are on the threads of life, and how much sweeter our journeys are when we support each other. It was a true honour, gift and joy to see each and every woman step so courageously into the strength, peace, depth, and love that has always been in them. To see them own their stories and their transformations, and step so boldly into their power in such unique and beautiful ways.

Our minds can get muddy and veiled. Connecting with our power is not about finding something outside of us. It’s learning to reconnect with all that’s inside of us. Others may guide and support you, but only you hold the key to that door. And there’s a special beauty that comes when you begin to see and touch your power. You realize it’s nothing new. It’s always been there. It is always there. It will always be there. It’s the mind that veils it. Your heart always knows.

Coming together

We’re coming out of the winds of transformation eclipse season and Mercury retrograde brought, and stepping into an auspicious period beginning with last night’s new moon. We’re in the heart of Leo season. Leo holds the energy of the sun, warm, bright, life-giving, life-affirming. Leo is symbolized by the lion, courageous, strong, bold, full of heart. The new moon marks a time for introspection and new beginnings. What power in you is knocking at the doors of your heart, beckoning to emerge? What light in you is begging to shine? What does your most rich and full life look like, and how can you step into it with courage, strength and trust?

Lots of updates on my end from July's month of transformation. I'm continuing to be guided to step deeper into my calling, gifts and depth as a healer. As such, I’ve refined my healing offerings to have Intuitive Healing as the base, combining Reiki and energy healing along with intuitive guidance channeled to you in the format of a guided meditation during your session. A coming together of my years of training and practice in different modalities, this session is offered both in-person and remotely, with the safe format and effects for either. Full details on the updated offerings are here.

I’m also thrilled to be guiding a new group of self-healers and healers in Reiki Level I and II this fall. While studying Reiki was my gateway into the path of a healer, it has also been instrumental in empowering me to show up for myself as my own best healer, which is why I love teaching it so much. Reiki helps aid healing for a variety of issues, from anxiety and stress, to chronic physical and emotional pain. It helps empaths and sensitive souls stay grounded and protected, and is an incredible catalyst for your intuitive and spiritual growth. Full details are here if you feel called to explore further!

And lastly, if all that retreat talk had you inspired, I have good news… we all loved it so much, we’re doing it again! Save the date for TRANSFORM, our fall retreat coming this October 4 – 6. Full details will be live next week, but if you want to be the first to know, hit reply and I’ll keep you posted :)

May you step into your power this month with courage and strength. May you push past your limits and allow yourself to receive and give abundantly. May you let your light shine as bright as this mid-summer sun, and may you begin to see what a gift that light is for us all.

All my love,