Through the time-honoured practices of Holistic Healing, Yoga, and Meditation, I invite you to come home to your truest self.

Releasing mental, emotional & physical patterns that no longer serve your highest growth.

Welcoming in ease, clarity, and calm.

Connecting to yourself at the highest level, and coming to know the deepest peace, and the warmest spaces of your heart.

Welcome to your healing journey.
Welcome to new beginnings.
Welcome home.  



Healing Services

Holistic Healing helps you restore, rejuvenate, and connect deeply to your body, mind, heart + soul. 

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are time-honoured practices to reduce stress and anxiety, cultivate calm and clarity, and deepen your intuition and creativity.



Awaken your intuition, healing power, and deeper connection with a variety of events, workshops and group practice opportunities.


"My healing session with Ayah exceeded all my expectations. She guided me into a state of deep relaxation and enabled me to tune into my intuition, let go of emotional ties that were no longer serving me, and open myself to new possibilities. It was restorative, refreshing, and reinvigorating. Like pressing a reset button on my life."  Sarah 

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I'm a Holistic Healer and Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Teacher, trained in India, and based in Toronto, Canada. I use energy healing, meditation, yoga, mindfulness tools and intuitive guidance to help clients balance and connect their body, mind and soul. I work together with my clients and students to help shed layers that no longer serve their highest growth, find clarity, calm and ease exactly where they are, and ultimately, share more of their light with the world.

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