I’m an Intuitive Healer and Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Teacher, based in Toronto, Canada. I share energy healing, meditation, yoga, and intuitive guidance to help clients balance and connect their body, mind, heart and soul. My greatest joy is in helping others shed layers that no longer serve, find clarity and calm, and share more of their light with the world.

My clients include entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, filmmakers, artists, and other professionals across corporate and creative fields. I know the demands they face well. I graduated from a top-tier business school, and worked in national and international sales and marketing across corporate, start-up, and creative environments. I had some incredible experiences in this career, but also a lot of pressures and stressors - many of which were self-imposed. My mind and body often buckled under the pressures, and I saw my fellow high-achieving friends and family go through much of the same. I saw the beauty of the work we did in the world, but the way we often did it didn’t feel sustainable.

My time outside of work grew increasingly focused on balancing and opening myself, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I continued to climb in my career, but my passion on the side increasingly became one of the soul. I dove into yoga, meditation, holistic therapies, and eastern philosophy. My intuitive and spiritual connection deepened greatly. A deep call of my heart and a series of serendipities led me out of my corporate path and into one of healing and teaching. I followed my heart to India, where over the years I studied and interned in Holistic Healing at Buddha Hall Holistic Healing and Teaching Centre (registered with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine), deepened my meditation practice at Amritapuri Ashram with my spiritual teacher Amma, and completed my yoga teacher training at Hatha Yoga World.

Yoga and meditation classes with me offer the opportunity for deep release, calm, and introspection. Healing sessions help correct imbalances, restore wellbeing, and awaken intuition. In both, I help open the space for you to come home to your truest self, a place of ease, clarity and calm. When we're in this space, I believe serendipities and transformations beyond our mind's limits are possible. I’ve been blessed with much of this in my path so far, and I weave this wonder, wisdom and optimism into all I share.

That’s my story – I’d love to hear yours. Whether for a healing session, class or workshop, I can’t wait to chat more and help support you on your journey... let’s make some magic :)

Ayah holds certifications as a Reiki Master, Holistic Healer, and Reiki Teacher from Buddha Hall Holistic Healing and Teaching Centre, and as a Registered Yoga Teacher from Hatha Yoga World. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen's University.