“I’ve never been this calm.” – Chana R.

“Wow! What a great session. I’ve had several Reiki sessions but none like this. I could feel the energy in your hands and transferring to those areas of the body. I could even feel it when you had to take your hands away for a moment. Awesome! I was so relaxed afterwards and feeling very zen. I went directly to sleep when I went to bed - that hasn’t happened in months. And I could feel the healing continue throughout the night. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I will be back!” – Lorraine Manners

“I have had alternative healing treatments before, but what was unique about our session was the magnetism I felt during our session. All the while being completely relaxed and at peace, I could feel you moving stagnant energy around and out of my body, which was accompanied by a sensation of gentle warmth. I also had very beautiful insights come to my awareness offering me guidance about new creative pursuits in my life. In the days and weeks after our session, I felt lighter and more focused. I had a significantly increased amount of clarity about what I wanted to create in my life next, and the energy to forge ahead in doing.” – Catie F.

"I walked into my treatment with Ayah feeling stressed out and anxious, basically on the brink of tears. From the moment I walked in, she made me feel completely at ease, and within minutes of laying on the table I was calmed, focused and cleansed. I floated all the way home and enjoyed the best sleep I've had in weeks. I can't wait to go back!" – Carolyn D.

"My remote healing session with Ayah was just as effective as my in-person sessions. The briefing helped me feel very calm and relaxed in my own space. I experienced many of the same sensations as I do in person. Our follow up discussion was helpful. Ayah's insight was very important for both my self-healing and progress on my life's journey. It was amazing to see Reiki work on me with Ayah in another country!" - Alex Murray

"Amazing experience! Your energy and intuitive reading was exactly what I needed. Thank you!! Highly recommend." - Shandel S.

"My remote healing session with Ayah exceeded all my expectations. She guided me into a state of deep relaxation and enabled me to tune into my intuition, let go of emotional ties that were no longer serving me, and open myself to new possibilities. It was restorative, refreshing, and reinvigorating. Like pressing a reset button on my life." - Sarah

I want to thank you for helping me transition into a life filled with more self-love and authenticity. I have already felt the effects of your teachings and the energy I released with your help. I’ve seen my self love reflected in my engagements with others. I feel inspired and ready to serve the call. Thank you so much.” - GT

“Thank you SO much. I had such an amazing experience with you and I know we are going to connect many times again in the future. Today was exactly what I needed. Your touch is truly so healing and I feel so light and balanced. I feel so present in my whole body- and just have to tell you again how grateful I am that our souls crossed paths in the most beautiful way and for you helping/guiding me on my soul journey. Thank you again.” - Alexia Del Priore


"Life changing experience with my teacher Ayah! A light on my path." - LM, Reiki Level I and II

“Ayah brings light to any room she's in and she really knows her stuff. Looking forward to doing more classes with her.” - Raya Morrison, Meditation

"Ayah is truly gifted as a yoga and meditation teacher. Her compassion, gentle instruction and understanding of the body and mind make her teaching an all-round healing experience. In my private session with her, she really helped me get in tune with my body, release tension and find power in the breath. Ayah not only knows the practice well, she is also fiercely intuitive, making time with her both fulfilling and enjoyable!" - Julie O., Yoga + Meditation

“I feel so much better! I feel like I am glowing. My anxiety and my mood have improved so much. I am catching myself when I get into a negative headspace and I am able to get myself out of it. I can't believe how much things have improved after such a short period of time. I am so excited to continue this journey. I am still so in awe how quickly I am seeing the benefits of the self-healing and I am excited for what the next 9 days have to hold! - Samantha B., Reiki Level I

"Ayah is an exceptionally engaging facilitator, and her genuine care and authenticity was apparent as she worked with our group on getting in touch with our intuition. With Ayah’s expert guidance, I left the workshop with new tools and techniques to add to my mindfulness toolbox to help me continue to be in touch with, listen to and embrace my intuition. I highly recommend Ayah’s intuition workshop for anyone new to or exploring getting to know yourself!" - Jacqueline H., Art of Intuition

"After a few sessions with different practitioners, I was curious about Reiki and how it could help me as an R.M.T., specifically for self-healing and protecting myself and my space from negative energy.  After learning about Ayah through one of my clients, I was excited to take Level I and Level II classes with her, and I am so grateful that I did! Ayah is a knowledgable and compassionate teacher.  She creates an environment that is safe, where you are comfortable to ask questions and share thoughts and experiences.  You learn about the history and practice of Reiki.  She also provides hands-on time for practice.  She gave me suggestions to help me get the most out of my practice and meditation time. I loved my classes with Ayah.  They were informative and practical, while being fun and entertaining.  Ayah's enthusiasm is inspiring!  Ayah has made herself accessible and I am able to reach out to her if I have questions regarding my practice. I am so excited by everything I have learned, and I feel empowered moving forward in my journey!" - Tabitha Irwin, Reiki Level I and II

“After a series of challenging events in my life based around career and family, I sought out Ayah for Reiki healing sessions. I instantly saw the positive results from Ayah's healing sessions, and wanted to learn about Reiki for myself. The two-day Reiki Level 1 course was amazing. I felt I was in a safe, open and relaxed environment. Ayah is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher. I was free to be myself and fully embrace Reiki without any expectations. During the course, I could literally see and feel the healing energy and light within me. Ayah fueled the intuitive fire that burns within me. Almost immediately after the course, I could see further healing manifest spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I can only imagine where Reiki will take me. I very much look forward to taking the Level 2 course. Reiki has so many applications. I would recommend the course to anyone.” - Alex Murray, Reiki Level I and II

“I was looking for a Reiki Teacher for a while, but it never worked out. By "chance" (I am sure it was meant to be!), I was so fortunate to meet Ayah while both of us were traveling in India. She was so kind to offer to teach me Reiki Level 1 and 2, and it was an incredible experience. She introduced me to Reiki healing in a very understandable, personal and spiritual way. She always took as much time as I needed, listened to me and my new experiences, and adjusted the teachings to my personal capacity. With her funny, lovely way of being herself and her warm and huge heart, she didn't only become a lifelong teacher - she also became a very dear friend to me.” - Emily Auerbach, Reiki Level I and II