Beautiful Serendipity

On the train through sri lankan hill country

On the train through sri lankan hill country

Isthuti, nandri, thank you lovely Lanka!

One of the old names of Sri Lanka is Serendip, the root of the word serendipity - which beautifully describes the past couple of weeks here.

I owe much of where I am on this path to some beautiful serendipities, small and large. I don't really believe in coincidences... of course random events occur, but if that random event surprises or holds meaning for you, look a little deeper. Chances are, there's some lesson or push forward for you in it. I've also found not every step is fully in our control. Some serendipities come into our lives to change the current. It's up to us whether we choose to flow with and follow it, or resist or struggle against it.

Given this is the land of serendipity, I decided to play here and see if actively seeking and expecting serendipities would lead to more. The answer was a definite yes - where your attention goes, energy flows. Sometimes things we would have loved but never expected appeared. Sometimes we found ourselves in situations that at first seemed disappointing, but soon led us to an amazing adventure or path that made us smile. Each idea we had for the trip, small or large, was somehow manifested at exactly the right time. We found secluded beaches and hidden pathways. We met new friends on the trails and the trains. People were always there to help us when we needed it, and puppies always seemed to appear when we needed a smile too :) Every day was beautifully full, and every place and person full of beauty.

In just a couple of weeks, this little gem managed to show me how far I've come, and how far I can go, especially if I embrace serendipity and live as fully as I have the past couple of weeks. It was the perfect warm-up to the deep-dive coming soon... Lanka, I'm sending you all my love, and India, I'm coming back with the fullest heart 💛