The magic happens out on the edge


Hi beautiful souls,

What a whirlwind of a summer – did you feel it too?

I pushed a lot of edges of vulnerability this summer. Figuring I had nothing to lose (spoiler: I didn’t!), I shared things I usually wouldn’t have said. I went for things I usually wouldn’t have gone for. And the funny thing is, I learned the results of those courageous words or actions actually weren’t the point. The process of pushing my edges took me to wild new territory. Most of that wild new territory was actually within me. I touched new depths and capacities of my heart. I found more clarity and connection right where I was. I opened up to greater guidance and grace for all that was, all that is, and all that lies ahead.

Healing takes a lot of courage. I tell it to my clients all the time. It takes courage to make a leap and come in for intuitive healing, which is a brand new, on-the-edge thing for most of you. It takes courage to be willing to see the sticky, icky parts of us that are begging to be seen and felt so they can be released and healed. It takes courage to let our highest selves in, to trust our hearts, to trust our souls, even when it goes far beyond what our minds’ may think or know.

Our path of healing is a path of coming home to ourselves. Masks off. Walls down. Our path of healing will, one way or the other, take us out onto a new edge. A new territory. It will often require us to go against the voice of the choir, to disrupt some aspects of what was safe and secure. Sometimes this is scary, and that’s ok. It’s important to go at your own pace. As I always say in my yoga classes, we want to find that point that feels like an edge, to work with that edge, breathe into that edge, move past that edge, but we never want to throw ourselves into a place of pain.

Here’s what I promise you, from over a decade of pushing past some pretty big edges and landing myself into a beautiful life far beyond what I could have imagined: pushing past that edge will never take you anywhere other than right where you’re supposed to be. You’ll look back and wonder what you were holding onto all those years. Pushing past that edge will take you to new depths and heights. Pushing past that edge will tune you into a new source and embodiment of your power. Pushing past that edge will make you free. Beautifully and blissfully free of all the constraints and heaviness that held you back.

I have a piece of art in my home, made for me by a friend many years ago when I left my first corporate job to step into a new chapter of a creatively crafted life. It's a play on a Kurt Vonnegut quote: “The magic happens out on the edge. Out on the edge you can see all sorts of things you can’t see from the centre.”

Once you see that view, once you feel that magic, there's no turning back (another spoiler: you won't want to!). What new frontiers is your courageous heart calling you toward?

Coming together

September always feels like a new beginning for me. Seasonally, we bask in the bounty of harvest season and begin to step into a change of seasons, a chance to release the old. For many, it’s back to school, time to start a new chapter. And this month I celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, a holiday where we put special emphasis on welcoming in sweet new beginnings. No matter where this summer took you, I invite you to find your edge and step forward with courage to all that calls your heart.

If you’re feeling the call for some deep shifts in your life, so much to share! Reiki Level I is up September 21, a beautiful opportunity to take your healing and spiritual growth into your own hands (literally!), be it for your mind, heart, body and/or spirit.

New Moon Circles are back (YAY!), next up on September 26 for the New Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign of beauty, love, peace and balance, so if you’re calling in any of these, come join for some meditation, intuitive guidance, and community support.

Our TRANSFORM Retreat is coming up October 4 – 6, a weekend full of yoga, meditation, healing, breakthrough coaching, delicious food, soul family connections, and personal and collective transformations co-hosted with my soul sister and Transformational Coach Zoe Paliare. Retreats have been so instrumental in my own spiritual journey, and I can’t wait to share this magic with you! (p.s. we have a special extension of earlybird pricing on 'til September 9, so snag your spot soon if it calls!)

As always, I’m here to work with you to find your courage, power, wisdom and light through Intuitive Healing sessions, in-person in Toronto or globally via remote sessions (same format and effects, no matter where you are!). The heart of the healing I share is a deep coming home to yourself, the place of calm, clarity and connection that always lies deep within you. It's a beautiful place to find your courage and magic.

May this fall usher in a beautiful new beginning for you, one in which you are able to see and root deeper into all the courage, power and light that's been in you all along.

With love,
ayah x